You can discover more about what is going on at Leipzig/Halle Airport and read latest cargo news in the following press releases.


Leipzig/Halle Airport: the worldโ€™s largest aircraft transports aid supplies to Namibia

Leipzig/Halle Airport has become established as a central hub for logistics associated with shipping aid supplies during the pandemic.

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The Central German airports significantly reduce their CO2 emissions

The sector goal of halving the figure is exceeded ten years earlier than envisaged

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Cargologic Germany (CLG) starts operating its fourth aircraft at LEJ

Cargologic Germany (CLG), a German cargo airline based at Leipzig/Halle Airport, received its fourth aircraft last week.

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Antonov 124 transports equipment belonging to the German armed forces back from Afghanistan

The German army is transporting its equipment back to Germany from its international mission in Afghanistan via Leipzig/Halle Airport.

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