Goldhofer handed over one of two brand-new "Phoenix" E aircraft tractors with environmentally friendly electric drives to PortGround at the Paris GSE Expo, the leading trade fair for ground handling equipment.

The “Phoenix” E has a purely battery-electric drive and can be operated without generating local exhaust and noise emissions. With a battery capacity of 165 kWh and 240 kW drive power, the vehicle is not only suitable for pushback operations but can also handle long-distance towing for aircraft with a take-off weight of up to 352 tonnes. It can reach a maximum speed of up to 25 kph.

“As a company, we want to be climate neutral by 2030. This is an ambitious goal and requires great effort and investment,” explains PortGround CEO Alexander König. “That is why we are delighted about the new additions to our tractor fleet. With the new electric aircraft tractors, we are taking a further step towards conversion to more environmentally friendly drives. In addition,” König continues, “the “Phoenix” E also sets new standards for operating comfort and flexibility.”

PortGround already operates a lot of vehicles and handling equipment with alternative environmentally friendly drives at both its Leipzig/Halle and Dresden sites. Further orders for high loaders and apron and cargo tractors with electric drives have already been placed and the equipment is expected to be ready for use at our airports in the coming months.
In addition, the company is planning to procure four large electric passenger buses, each with a capacity of around 100 passengers, for Leipzig/Halle Airport in the next few years. Following the successful test of a hybrid electric de-icer, future replacement purchases are also planned for the area of aircraft de-icing.


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